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Blossom Benedict

Blossom headshotBlossom Benedict is a singer, actress, vocal coach and Access Consciousness™ Facilitator who has brought the revolutionary tools of Gary Douglas’ Right Voice For You to 14 countries in the past 2 years!  

Blossom is a member of Actors Equity, holds a BA in Drama and has appeared in dozens of productions across the United States.  She was the lead teacher of The Children’s Healing Project at the Stanford Children’s Hospital, The Director of TheatreWorks’ nationally acclaimed Playing with Poetry summer camp and has taught theatre, music and Access Workshops throughout the US, India, Australia, New Zealand, and throughout Europe.  

After 10 years of teaching, Blossom now combines her technical background of music and theatre with the tools of Access Consciousness to turn coaching as we know it on its head, gifting people more access to themselves.

"I was living in New York at the time and no matter what I did I could not figure out how to bring me, 100% of me, into an audition room.  I was still booking jobs, but man, if they could only have seen me in front of my mirror at home!  I realized that no acting coach in New York could teach me how to be me.  What I really wanted was to be present and vulnerable and to stop judging myself or attempting to be what I thought someone else thought I should be.  So I started asking questions.  And when you ask a question, the universe sort of rearranges itself.

I stumbled into my first Access Consciousness™ class in hopes of handling some very mysterious health issues.  To my total surprise, what I uncovered were the most brilliant set of tools to give me exactly what I had been asking for in my performing—a totally non-cognitive way to get out of judgment and have access to more of myself.  When Gary Douglas (founder of Access) taught the first Creativity class in Los Angeles in 2005, I was awe struck.  I knew I wanted to get these tools out into the world for performers, and non-performers, and everyone who has anything to say!!" - Blossom Benedict