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Right Voice For You

If changing your voice required changing your life... would you be willing?

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What would it be like to be totally comfortable, compelling and present in front of a group of any size?

What would it be like to share your message and voice with the world without any judgment of you?

What would it be like if you had the freedom to make mistakes, be silly, or even more terrifying, be brilliant in front of others?

Right Voice For You is a workshop that guides participants past their limitations about being seen and heard and offers dynamic tools for showing up as your true brilliance in front of others.

These tools and processes are from Access Consciousness™ and are used to assist people (singers, business people, house wives, writers, actors…) with finding and sharing their voice with the world. These workshops help unlock all the things that keep you from singing, writing, speaking, or communicating in your own voice.

About RVFY

Right Voice For You Workshops include:

  • Tools to get rid of stage fright forever so you can feel confident, comfortable and vulnerable in front of an audience
  • Powerful techniques to quiet your mind and keep you totally in the present and spontaneous in your performance (and life!)
  • Simple energetic techniques for getting into character instantly
  • Energy flows you can use any time to get your audience to feel connected to you.
  • Techniques for walking and movement that incorporate you WHOLE body and enable you to “pull energy”. 
  • Customized “clearing processes” that address all the places you are keeping yourself stuck in your own life without even knowing it.

 These tools are NOT just for performers. Whether you are a teacher, a plumber, a professional singer or a CEO.... if you have something to say or if you have been demanding that you be a greater force in the world, ... you won’t want to miss this workshop!

Find out how joyful having a voice can be! Find you in the process!

Are you ready to be the star of your own life?!